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Trump gears up for war with his own party

Cocooned in Mar-a-Lago, the newly acquitted ex-president is stepping up his political activities.


Cruz family’s Cancun trip rattles their private school

Parents demand enforcement of quarantine rules that will keep the senator’s children out of class.


Cuomo stares down the third-term curse

New York’s history books are replete with tales from other third-term crypts.


Punchlines: Room Rater? More like OK Boomer

Want to get a 10 rating on your Zoom interview? Matt Wuerker interviews infamous internet Room Rater Claude Taylor.

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American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1862 - 1945) waves from a lectern just after he took his 4th Oath of Office, Washington DC, January 20, 1945. Among those pictured with him are Vice-President (and future President) Harry S. Truman (1884 - 1972) (left) and James Roosevelt (1907 - 1991) (second right, in uniform), the President's eldest son, Washington DC, January 20, 1945. (Photo by Photoquest/Getty Images)

OPINION | politics

How to Prevent an American Royal Family

70 years ago this week, Congress term-limited the presidency. Now it’s time to take the next step.

By Philip Wallach

A quote saying: ”Just knowing others are going through this disaster is relieving.”

the friday cover

‘This Crap Means More to Him Than My Life’: When QAnon Invades American Homes

What a Reddit forum for "QAnon casualties" can tell us about the conspiracy theory scrambling American politics.

By Anastasiia Carrier

Illustration featuring The 9/11 Commission Report


Is a 9/11-Style Investigation Into the Insurrection Even Possible?

America needs a thorough understanding of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, says 9/11 Commission member Tim Roemer. But what that requires may no longer be possible.

By Zack Stanton

President Joe Biden speaks about the economy in the State Dinning Room of the White House, Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, in Washington.

OPINION | Washington and the World

Iran Just Handed Biden His First Credibility Test

Rocket attacks on an American base in Iraq by an Iran-backed militia will require a clear response. Nuclear negotiations, not to mention the safety of U.S. troops, depend on it.

By Michael Knights

Rush Limbaugh speaks before introducing President Donald Trump on stage at a Dec. 21, 2019 event in West Palm Beach, Fla.


Let’s Briefly Praise Rush Limbaugh—Then Bury Him Forever

The radio host represented the aggrieved soul of the right for a generation.

By John F. Harris

MIAMI FL - JANUARY 03: Pastor Paula White-Cain and US President Donald J. Trump remark at the "Evangelicals for Trump" coalition launch Miami at The King Jesus International Ministry on January 3, 2020 in Miami, Florida Credit: MPI04 / MediaPunch /IPX

church and state

The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again

In the growing community of charismatic Christian prophecy, faith in Donald Trump’s imminent return to the White House is a new dividing line.

By Julia Duin

A sign for the Department of Justice is seen ahead of a news conference Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, in Washington.

OPINION | law and order

Pelosi’s 9/11-Style Commission Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Trump’s late-term betrayals of American trust don’t just require more information. They call for a criminal investigation. Here’s why.

By Ankush Khardori

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell walks to the Senate Chamber on the third day of former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial at the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 11, 2021 in Washington, D.C.


What Trump Gets Wrong About McConnell

The former president has the devotion of the Republican rank and file, but sooner or later they’ll have to win elections, where the Senate GOP leader rules.

By Rich Lowry

Rohn Bishop at his home in Waupun, Wisconsin.

the fifty

The Birthplace of the Republican Party Buckles After Trump Nearly Blew Up the GOP

As many wonder how a party split by Trump can survive, one county outpost shows how time heals some wounds — or at least papers them over.

By David Siders

The Voice of America building, Monday, June 15, 2020, in Washington.

OPINION | Washington and the World

Joe Biden’s Secret Weapon for Resetting Iran Policy

VOA can play a crucial role in outreach to the Iranian people. But the White House should get serious about fixing its problems.

By Ilan Berman

An illustration of a $20 bill as a blueprint

OPINION | History Dept.

A Harriet Tubman $20? That’s Just the Beginning

America once had a wide-open approach to currency. Maybe that’s due for a revival.

By Ellen Feingold

Members of the National Guard patrol the area outside of the U.S. Capitol during the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.


‘This Acquittal Sends Three Dangerous Messages to Future Presidents’

We just lived through history—but what was the point? Fourteen experts explain what Trump’s fast, unusual second impeachment will mean for America.

By POLITICO Magazine


Joe Biden’s first 100 days

We’re tracking the administration’s efforts to reshape policy and politics. Follow along as we chronicle Biden’s use of legislation and regulation to enact his agenda.

The vaccines that could stop Covid-19

We're tracking dozens of the vaccines in use or development in the United States and around the world.

How Covid-19 could make Americans healthier

A once-in-a-century pandemic provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve public health.

Democrats shift Congress into top speed on Covid aid, but it may still be too slow for many

Delays in the delivery of federal economic aid are a Washington fixture, but their effect on Biden's plan comes with particularly high stakes.

Biden privately tells governors: Minimum wage hike likely isn’t happening

The remarks are the clearest sign yet that the president is content to fight this battle at a later date.

Tensions start to emerge in Biden’s dance with governors

Some governors are increasingly rankled by federal maneuvers like moving vaccine out of their control, creating early friction as Biden wraps up his first month.

How Biden could find himself on the same side as Trump

Lawsuits could force this White House into an uneasy embrace of its predecessor.

By Josh Gerstein

Biden aides debate how, or if, to save original Iran deal

The new administration appears willing to negotiate on Tehran's nuclear program. But it's not clear it wants back in the old deal.

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